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A kitchen is more than a functional room, nowadays, and it is important when you are designing your new kitchen to look at how you want to use the space.

It is estimated that we spend about 40% of time in the kitchen, socialising and eating, so a well designed, fitted kitchen can not only improve lifestyle but can add to the value of your property.

The average kitchen accounts for 20-40% of a home's total energy bill, so careful choice of 'A' rated appliances and energy saving lighting can be 'green' as well as cutting your monthly bills.

We can:

  • Discuss your plans and help source products and appliances to fit your budget
  • Help ensure you maximise your space
  • Advise you on the placing of equipment for efficient working
  • Help you plan your flooring, your decorating, ventilation and lighting
  • Supply and fit your kitchen and finish it to the standard you require
  • Remove your old kitchen and appliances


As well as our range of standard kitchen designs we can also offer hand made kitchens of superb quality and craftmanship, using the best timbers and in many different styles. Whatever your requirements, we can provide the best solution to suit you.

To provide you with the best in hand crafted furnature and kitchens we have teamed up with David Armstrong to provide you with a "Total solution" to your design and installation requirements.

We have qualified electricians, gas fitters and plumbers who can certify all work as required. Our plasterers and decorators will complement the work with your choice of finish.